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Tissue specific expression

Category:Data Analysis, Bioinformatics
Supervisor:Balaji Rajashekar
Abstract:The principle question is to understand how genes are expressed and regulated in different tissues. Task is to identify tissue specific patterns across different tissues or developmental stages. Use different sets of public data from one or several organism, eg. microarray (gene expression), chip-data, smallRNA, epigenetics and sequencing data to understand the transcript expressions in different time points or datasets in different tissues from the available data.


  • Download microarray data from MEM and implement a method to compare different tissues eg. brain tumor vs breast tumor eg. choose either organism or samples or multiple organisms
  • and other data from SRA@ncbi or GEO@ebi
  • get the genes and then further analysis
  • also make a visualisation indicating the expression of each gene in a tissue of an organism


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