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Visualisation of large data

Supervisor:Balaji Rajashekar
Abstract:It is always very challenging to understand complex data, good visualization tools are required to understand your biological data. Currently there are several tools to display data. But there is always a need to better integrate and visualise data in more smarter and meaningful ways.


  • The following are some of the projects,

1. In Bioinformatics you compare data of some disease against control or between species or between tissues in same organism to understand the genes that are causing some disease. We can develop better visualization and show for eg. the expression of genes in a organism map similar to, each tissue will be highlighted based on the values that are significantly different in samples under comparison.
2. UCSC has developed a genome browser to visualise biological data. The database has large amounts of data and each query is very time consuming to display the results. We can use this data and develop better visualisation and analysis tool to run in parallel for eg. cloud computing. These tools will help users to analyse their results in a flash and allow them to do integrative analysis.


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